soy latte, extra hot, no sugar

The mere mention of coffee sets the desire racing; the thought of the intoxicating aroma, the rich creaminess, the creative stimulation and the buzz of the cafe.  I love to introvert in the extroverted environment of a cafe; to read, write, plan and dream; linked up to wifi, making marks in my sketch book and flicking through magazines.

Without the responsibilities of a set work schedule, dependents or geographical constraints, I can be having Arabica in Margaret River one day and Javanese Mandheling in Ubud the next.  I love to research new cafes to visit, and map out coffee stops between galleries, yoga classes, scenic drives, & long walks.  I like cafes with a view, courtyard or natural setting, and have a low tolerance for traffic noise.  Cosy or cavernous, intimate or bustling, minimalist or twee – they are all fair game, but definitely no shopping centres.

I rarely drink more than one coffee per day (not for want of more...), and have a cut off time of 3.30pm, or I’m awake half the night scheming crazy business plans, profound speeches and trips to Antarctica in a bathtub.

With over 15 years experience in hospitality and tourism, from waitress and barista, to restaurant manager and marketing consultant, I feel I can sympathize with floor staff under pressure and critique the systems, service and product with a degree of accuracy.

As a photographer and writer, I love the prosaic beauty of a cup or teapot, the unique styling of each cafe, the fonts on menus, blackboards and signage, and the fluid melange of patrons.

I am a vegan on a banana budget, and home for most of the year is a remote village in eastern Indonesia - over 1000 km from the nearest espresso - but when given the opportunity I never knock back an injection of cafe culture and caffeine.  So put the kettle on, I’m coming over. 

available for food & interior photography, commissions, reviews, creative direction, collaborations and chats


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