Thursday, November 21, 2013

revolver espresso, seminyak, bali

The buzz : An ex competitive surfer from Narrabeen, Katie turned her experience working in cafes worldwide to create a relaxed space with an urban, grungy edge that has become the coolest coffee hangout in town. Stepping through the laneway entrance behind the fashion/lifestyle boutiques “This is a Love Song” and “Home” is a like finding an exclusive den. You feel as if you should whisper a secret password or execute a clandestine handshake, but you can waltz right in without any magic words and be imbibed in the hip scene. There are no windows to the outside, and after a while you forget you are in Bali and start to envisage stepping out onto the streets of Melbourne. 

Mac screens of choice accompany vision sessions for the latest magazine spread, Indi surf label or secret spot. Short shorts, loose singlets, glorious manes of blond hair, tight jeans and dark sunglasses befit the creative hipster crowd. Staff are trendy and buoyant, flitting lightly through the space with a smile and flick of their fringe. 

Revolver have quickly gained a reputation around the world for their perfect espresso shot and silky smooth milk, heated to perfection and poured into a beautiful rosetta. You can hear the audible sighs of love when one is placed in front of an itching coffee lover.  

An original mix of art, paintings and movie memorabilia from the days of Elvis and Marilyn are tacked around, and vintage wares sit beside the metal chairs that have become ubiquitous in the Seminyak café scene this year. Records are stored into Coca Cola crates and spun on an old player that looks like it was dusted off from dad’s shed. The high ceilings have exposed foil insulation and wiring, with bare incandescent bulbs casting a warm glow. 

Its simple breakfasts and light lunches are legendary, with chewy toast, wraps, salads and sandwiches under $5. Vegetarians are well catered for with offerings like The Boss (tempe wrap, lettuce, bean shoots, carrot, cherry tom, coriander & sweet chilli) and The Business (couscous, feta, roast veggies and rocket salad). Once I’ve secured my ristretto soy latte, I can’t go past the Smith & Wesson - mashed avocado on open sourdough toast with sweet roast tomatoes, basil and olive oil. Bang on.

*since taking these photos there have been a few small changes to the interior, and a new menu was launched yesterday; I'll be sure to let you know what's on offer.
beans : Caswells Indonesian house blend or a single origin special of the day
leaf : variety of loose leaf
soy : Australia’s Own organic (extra Rp5000)
caffeine free : fresh juice selection (Rp25,000)
latte price : Rp25,000

fork : caramel pop - dark chocolate and caramel with a biscuit base
spoon : Bang Bang - fresh fruit, crunchy granola, yoghurt and honey (Rp35,000)
knife : Le Pistol - thick brioche French toast
plate : Smith & Wesson, smashed avacado on open sourdough slices with deliciously sweet roast tomatoes, basil and olive oil (Rp35,000).
bowl : The Business - couscous, feta, roast veggies, pumpkin and rocket salad (Rp40,000)

footprint : bejeweled Havianas and well worn Sanuks
service : fast, energetic, eager to please
open : 7 days, 8am to 5pm

Jalan Kayu Aya (Jalan Oberoi) #3, Gang 51
behind This is a Love Song Concept Store and Home Store, or enter from the lane 
T: (0361) 788 4968


  1. I could def do with a revolver coffee today not to mention a swap in temperatures. Sigh!

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thanks for taking the time, milk or sugar?


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