Friday, November 2, 2012

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The Anomali crew are learning that Ubud and Seminyak are different beasts, and that it may take a while to generate a happening thing in the artistic and yogic heart of Bali. As a roaster that offers single origin beans with tailored extraction methods, they are in direct competition with Seniman Coffee Studio around the corner. The latter is a western owned and run boutique cafe, which gives it an edge with the expats. I prefer Seniman's location and vibe, but for my puny buying power, Anomali wins with their use of unsweetened Aussie Soy.
The Ubud branch offers the same high quality Indonesian beans, experienced staff and industrial style as the Seminyak cafe, but is yet to develop a lived in soul. The main road location would have looked good on paper, however the proximity to the chaotic Hanoman corner means most passers by are focused on negotiating traffic and miss the indistinct shop front. The few seats out the front are marred by noise and pollution and the open plan upstairs area feels vacant and too far from the barista action. My choice is the communal bar downstairs, back from the offensive traffic and within sight of the coffee lab. 

They open early (7am) seven days a week, and extract a smooth, nutty espresso from their house blend. The staff are happy and welcoming, with some of them dividing their time between the two cafes to keep the standards consistent.  Anomali adds another gong to the excellent Ubud cafe scene; I hope they stick around.

Nb. To see the full list of beans on offer, visit the Anomali Seminyak review.

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