Thursday, October 18, 2012

blue ginger, margaret river

Blue Ginger Fine Foods & Cafe

beans : house blend or organic
leaf : organic leaf in a pot
soy : yes

dunk : strawberries & cream shortbread $1.50
fork : pear & date slice $4
spoon : raw black sesame halva
knife : stack of buttermilk pancakes with pure Canadian maple syrup, lemon & brown sugar $13.50
plate & bowl : “tree hugger” breakfast, free range eggs, grilled haloumi, roast tomato, avocado, Margaret River tempeh, home made backed beans & mushrooms on Yallingup woodfired sourdough toast $19.50

footprint : thongs or work boots
latte price : $3.70, organic beans extra 40c
service : relaxed & familiar
open : 7 days, 7.30am to mid afternoon, breakfast to 11.00am weekdays and 12.00pm on the weekend.

You wouldn’t happen upon Blue Ginger as a tourist in Margaret River, given its curious location on the edge of the light industrial area; but it is this very position, opposite the yoga school, that attracts a flock of devoted locals.  The shed-like skin, wide verandah and assorted retro furniture lend a bucolic atmosphere, albeit encircled with a carpark and uninspiring views.  Not that I spend much time gazing at the parking area when there are magazines to read, and a rainbow of enticing goodies on display in the store. Bulk foods, local condiments and gourmet lines are crammed in with giftware, organic beauty products and kitchen gadgets. 

There is friendly banter between customers and staff, many on first name basis with Paul and the team.  It is casual and unassuming, at times stepping toward inappropriate, with deep German roars from the open kitchen, and chefs flapping about in the seating area. 

The menu offers vegetarian and vegan options, with creative salad names and generous portion sizes. Meal quality varies, perhaps with the temperament of the chef, however I'm always safe with Yallingup sourdough toast.  Tradies pull in for takeaway all day, salt crusted surfers stop for a refuel, and the post-yoga crowd assembles for brunch. Breakfast is very popular, especially on the weekends, and the coffee machine hums all day, knocking out a solid, reliable brew (with the used grinds given away free for your garden).

In a region dominated by upscale establishments and weekend warriors, it is comforting to know you can rock up at Blue Ginger in sandy feet and feel a sense of community.

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