Thursday, September 6, 2012

moore & moore, fremantle

beans : Fiori 
leaf : loose leaf & herbal brews, iced in summer
soy : yes
caffeine free : rooibos latte
fork : slivered almond & hazelnut slice
spoon : pear & chocolate macadamia tart $6.00
knife : sweet fruit toast with home made conserves, fresh fruit & honey mascarpone $16.50
plate & bowl : baked beans with avocado, Turkish toast & salad $14.50

footprint : vintage anything
latte price : $3.80
service : funky & gorgeous with variable attitude
open : 7 days, 7am to 4pm

Moore & Moore is a distillation of Freo essence; a homeopathic remedy for life’s little ills.  Since its dawning in the Moores Building Contemporary Art Gallery, its reputation has spread far beyond the side street locale, and queues are standard practice for a weekend breakfast outing. This popularity can result in long waits and confused orders, so my advice is to go outside of peak times if possible. A cold coffee after 20 minutes does not a happy camper make.  

Not surprising given the address, the artistic coterie blends with uni students, earth mothers and a small posse of young hipsters that use product. The back courtyard is popular with nuclear families, as there is plenty of space to park mini all-terrain baby vehicles, and the extension onto the footpath has introduced al fresco out front, with a sign welcoming canine friends. 

Inside, the heritage space is decorated with mismatched, preloved furniture, salvaged treasures, gig posters, and installations. Cluttered and dust collecting, but absorbing.  It encourages lounging & lingering, like hanging out in an art student’s share-house, albeit with better food.

The informal council of locals placates the wait to order, and a blur of wait staff and foot traffic cutting through the queue keeps you alert. Then there is the art to ponder and indie tunes to get your groove on.  You get to the counter and realize you haven’t even glanced at the blackboard menu. 

Alchemy occurs in the tiny cluttered kitchen, where Simon and his band of short order chefs create honest comfort food.  Our house made baked beans were leagues ahead of Heinz, and served with chewy Turkish bread, a generous half avocado and fat field mushrooms.  Behind the coffee machine, milk is expertly textured and poured over a robust shot of Fiori espresso. In a lush red cup and saucer it is an art piece unto itself (however, could have been hotter). I’m intrigued by the idea of a honeycomb espresso or a rooibos latte, and have them on my wish list for future visits. 

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  1. sally, you are always a pleasure to read, expertly summarised, fairly reported and described in poetic detail. great word smithing babe.

  2. It's amazing that you manage 3 blogs. Your photos are so stunning. As I am an expat living in Jakarta, Indonesia, it's so refreshing to see beautiful photos taken in Indonesia.


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