Sunday, April 1, 2012

urban coffee house, busselton

unit 2/19 Bussell Highway
next to Red Rooster

beans : 5 senses arabica 
leaf : loose leaf $4.20 per pot 
soy : Vitasoy, extra 50c 
caffeine free : fresh juice fruit mix, apple, pear, orange, watermelon ($7.50) 
dunk : gingerbread people with smartie buttons ($2.50) 
fork : sweetly decorated cupcakes & daily sweet & savoury muffins ($3.50) 
knife : Yallingup woodfired fruit toast ($6.50) 
plate & bowl : lentil burger with salad, sour cream & beetroot chutney ($12.50)  or the vegetarian breakfast of roast tomato, mushrooms, spinach, feta, poached egg, avocado, pesto oil & sourdough toast ($13.50) - vegan option can be arranged

footprint : steel cap boots or thongs 
latte price : $3.90 
service : young & friendly 
open :  Monday to Thursday 7am to 3pm , Friday 7am to 9pm, Saturday 9am to 2pm 

the buzz : Long deterred by its location in the bowels of “chicken world", I was encouraged by a friend (and Urban regular) to meet for a coffee and temporarily cast aside my disdain for carpark views. It is, after all, this carpark and the corner highway location that makes the café a favourite for tradesmen with trailers, and people that want to avoid the centre of town or grab a take-away before work.  

The owners have injected their Maori heritage into the decorating scheme with an eclectic gamut of themed souvenirs against a backdrop of forest green walls and mismatched furniture.  A kids play area dominates one corner, which depending on the source of your perception is a fantastic distraction or a gross waste of window seating.

The Urban have built a loyal clientele with their consistent and approachable food, friendly service and excellent value.  All day breakfasts are generous, and the no-nonsense lunches service customers with fast takeaway. A vegetarian hunger can be easily satiated and they are happy to modify certain dishes to suit vegans.  5 Senses beans are a solid foundation to a satisfying coffee, but the extra soy charge is regrettable.

While I appreciated the Urban’s unpretentious vibe and easy access is attractive for many, the location and echoes of an office block cafeteria drops it down my local favourites list.  However if you feel threatened by the lofty dining at Margaret River wineries and don’t want to pay inflated prices with your ocean view, the Urban offers honest, good value food and somewhere you can put your feet up, boots and all, with a coffee and the daily paper.

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  1. This urban coffee house is the reason why I spent my last payroll on their cupcakes and a coffee machine at home. Their cupcakes are just perfect!


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