Monday, January 23, 2012

wild poppy, fremantle


2 Wray Avenue

beans :Dark Star
leaf : organic leaf
soy : Vitasoy, extra 50c
caffeine free : old fashioned milkshakes in aluminium tumblers
dunk : fresh daily pastry
fork : macadamia and pecan tart
spoon : gluten free chocolate & almond torte
knife : waffle with strawberries, dessert yoghurt & maple syrup

footprint : comfortable orthopeadics, knitted slippers or kitten heels
latte price : $4.20
service : happy & welcoming
open :  Mon to Sat 7.00am - 4.00pm, Sun 8.00am - 4.00pm, dinner Fri & Sat 6.00pm - 10.00pm (breakfast daily until 11.30am)

buzz : The large interior is divided into three zones, with relaxed lounge areas at either end of a central dining room.  The informal and welcoming style is shaped by nana crafts & vintage collectables, from the era when plush red velvet and crocheted knee rugs were de rigueur. Patchwork and thrift store paintings are spunked up with dark grey walls and shiny black wooden chairs around standard issue white tables.  I’ve never been able to muster up a love for mustard yellow upholstery,  but I won’t hold that against them.

Noting my fascination with the whimsical lace lampshades, the owner, Graeme Shapiro, encouraged me to return for dinner to see the patterned light dance on the walls.  Yes, I would very much like to do just that.  Staff acknowledged regulars by name, were friendly to newbies and seemed to be enjoying themselves.  A snappier uniform would be more flattering and up the overall style.

Footpath tables and an expanse of south facing glass provide a viewing platform to watch the passing Wray Avenue parade.  Lively at any hour, the activity peaks with a loyal lunch crowd and the ever increasing Freo weekend breakfast scene. 

Fresh pastries are swooped up in the morning, and the pick-and-go lunch display including cibbata, quiche & salad is popular with nearby hospital employees.  The menu clearly states there are to be no changes as to “expediate orders”, which is understandable but regrettable for vegans or others with different dietary needs.  On this occasion I only had coffee, which could have been stronger, and I frown at the extra charge for soy.  The food is widely praised with the quality and serving sizes offering good value for money.  Look out for a return visit with an appetite in the near future.

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