Wednesday, January 4, 2012

new year kickstart

The first coffee of the year award goes to this little beauty at 10am on New Years Day at Duende, Leederville. Made with locally roasted Dark Star beans and Vitasoy. Good morning 2012. We hadn't planned to be here, we were plugging along freeway north and the lure of Leederville and the thought of coffee drew us onto the exit ramp.  Most places were closed, leaving all those chasing a caffeine injection, juice or greasy cure to descend on a couple of cafes.  The place was packed, order dockets were streaming out of the black box, the grinder was working up a sweat and the three group machine ran hot under the direction of two blonde baristas.  We were glad to be perched at the bar watching the show, flicking a magazine and rejoicing in the gift of another year. 

Best wishes for a relaxed and joyful year. May your espresso be smooth and your milk hot.

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  1. Thanks for the warm welcome and sorry you are not in Margaret River right now for the holidays. I just thought I would share some local chat as I know you just love your coffee. The Cyber Cafe in Margaret River had been getting some amazing reviews from friends. " The Best Coffee in Town" has been said on many occasions. Make sure you check them out. Not the kind of place you would expect but the internet cafe is making a mighty fine coffee.


thanks for taking the time, milk or sugar?


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