Tuesday, September 20, 2011

lost in the night

My laptop was stolen on Sunday evening, and on it were a number of cafe images and reviews that I had not yet posted.  Some of it was backed up on a thumb drive...that also went missing, so if you are a cafe owner wondering what ever happened to that Crema & Crumbs woman and her write up, I have no choice but to return and savor another coffee with my trusty Canon and notebook in tow. 

Sunday, September 11, 2011

west end deli, west perth

95 Carr Street
West Perth, WA

beans : Vittoria Oro Special Bar
leaf : loose leaf
soy : yes
dunk : almond biscotti
fork : tangy lemon tart
spoon : porridge, poached pears, toasted almonds, ricotta & honey $14
knife : house made fruit toast with berry rich jam and honey $7
plate & bowl : mushroom terrine with blue cheese butter $8

footprint : leather flats
latte price : $3.80
service : assertive, confident
open :  Sunday to Wednesday 7am – 3pm, Thursday to Saturday 7am – late (dinners from 6.30pm), closed public holidays

buzz : Locals would like to keep this place to themselves; their own corner block of heaven, but the word has spread well beyond the western suburbs.  Coffee at West End Deli was featured in the Weekend Magazine’s 50 things to eat in Western Australia, with a suggestion that they served the “best coffee in Perth.” This piqued my desire, and so with the UBD on my lap (no I don’t have an iphone or tomtom) I found the quiet street and parked right out front - one of the benefits of a neighbourhood location.

Behind the modest facade, reminiscent of its history as a corner store, the dilapidated industrial style is warm and lived in. I question whether this should extend to the hair ball beneath my chair and the grotty skirting boards, so I divert my gaze upwards to the eccentric “chairdeliers” and the activity from the open kitchen.

On a mid week morning, customers float in for business meetings and catch-ups, and my  coffee order is eagerly taken before I sit down with the menu. The vegan selection is very limited and I default to fruit toast; three chewy and satisfying slices served with chunky jam and honey.  Those looking for something beyond eggs and porridge can revel in rabbit, cuttlefish or pork, but  I’m settled with the excellent coffee and toast.

The deli name is misleading if you are envisaging slices of cured ham, olives and cartons of milk.  What you will find is a homely display of pastries, cakes, tarts, slices and biscuits, and daily baked baguettes ($4.50) and croissants ($4.00+) celebrated by those who arrive early enough to secure one.   The dinner menu made me wince, both from the price (dinner mains $38), and the animal themes – lamb and snail, pork and crab - but West End Deli has plenty of fans out there,  I don't think they will miss my paltry vegan contribution to the profit. 

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