Friday, August 12, 2011

gill street cafe & deli, mosman park

deli & cafe
13 Gill St, Mosman Park, Perth

beans : Rubra East Timorese organic
leaf : Rubra loose leaf
soy : yes
caffeine free : fruit smoothie $6.50
dunk : old fashioned Anzac biscuit
fork : gluten free chocolate torte
spoon : chocolate mousse cake with chocolate ganache
knife : toasted Gill St banana bread $6.50 or New Norcia fruit toast with homemade preserves $7
plate & bowl : risotto patty served with balsamic grilled field mushroom, wilted greens & corn, coriander & white bean salsa

footprint : school brogues, ballet flats
latte price : $4.00
service : efficient & hospitable
open :  7 days, 7am to 4pm

buzz : On a quiet street in an affluent leafy suburb, where dry cleaning hangs in the windows of Landrovers and BMW’s, and wheelie bins are a petite half size, a former corner store has been given new life as a casually chic cafe.  The owners of the ever popular Van’s Cafe in nearby Cottesloe took a step inland to create a space that has become a community favourite.  Morning walkers stop for a take-away, waves of stylish mums float in after the school run, and then it is the domain of ladies who lunch. Around 3.30pm groomed private school girls drop in for a milkshake or to meet mum for afternoon tea. It is all very pleasant, and you could be mistaken for thinking there is no such thing as global financial crisis sitting aplomb in the window with a berry friand and a soy latte.

A blackboard menu offers the familiar modern bistro fare for breakfast and lunch, with daily specials and an enticing array of cakes on display.  I was bemoaning the size of my toast serving for the price, when the waiter seemingly read my mind and appeared with an extra slice (much appreciated).  Jams and condiments are self-serve from a communal island bench, so you are not limited by staff portion control.

Quality Rubra beans give the coffee a head start and tea lovers will welcome the loose leaf selection. A wide range of magazines and newspapers are available to flick with your coffee and plan what to wear to the next yacht club event.

On warm days, concertina windows open to the footpath, and the shady deck offers a pleasant retreat, while the fire keeps things toasty in winter.  In keeping with the building’s deli heritage, a small range of upmarket gourmet items is available including Simon Johnson, Maggie Beer and 3 Drops Olive Oil.

Gill Street is a welcome addition to the area and a firm locals favourite. As  an outsider you can circulate among the prosperity and imagine life with a smaller wheelie bin. 
Now if I could just take off with that red Vespa.

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  1. honey, i am ALWAYS willing and available to be your cafe pin up! you're fabulous! XL

  2. Gorgeous photos - the vespa is especially eye catching. Will put this cafe in the visit list, looks fab. :)


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