Saturday, June 4, 2011

sea circus, seminyak, bali

22 Jalan Laksmana [Oberoi Rd]
Opposite The Samaya
Seminyak, Bali

beans :  5 Senses organic Balinese single origin
leaf : Twinings bags
soy : Australia’s Own, extra 7000rps
dunk :  hot churros with dark chocolate dipping sauce (40,000rps)
fork :  pink fruit salad with raspberries, strawberries & watermelon, topped with mint & honeyed yoghurt (30,000rps)
spoon :  warm pear & raspberry crumble with vanilla bean gelato (40,000rps)
knife :  raisin & walnut sourdough toast with homemade rum, pineapple & coconut jam (14,000rps)
plate & bowl : honey roasted pumpkin risotto with spinach & parmesan (55,000rps)
footprint : this is Bali, anything goes, from thongs to stilettos, no matter what the time
price : $2.10 (20,000rps)
service :  attractive women in high heels strut the floor with a smile, while an Australian trained barista administers the caffeine.
open : 8.00am – late Monday to Saturday, 11am – late Sunday
buzz :  An Aussie ringmaster and English lion tamer (formerly advertising executives in London), moved to Bali to fulfil a dream, and a vacuum for superior coffee and familiar bistro fare.   It is about fun and friends, buoyed by the bright colours of fruit sorbet and splashes of feminine fancy.  Screened from the road by painted glass louvers, the light space is a calm cafe by day, where loyal expats linger over breakfast with the latest international newspapers, and the roving Seminyak crowd crack their first beer with a fat steak sandwich and chips.  If the night before was raucous, there are the cheekily named Hangover Happy Meals, complete with panadol, vitamins and a game to reconnect the synapses.  For a small extra cost, you can add a 15 minute shoulder and neck massage from a dark haired beauty.   Cocktails are available all day, and no one will blink if you want to kick on with an affogato and Cointreau. 

Indonesia's only Synesso Cyncra espresso machine sits proudly on the bar, kept in immaculate condition by a team of motivated baristas, trained in Australia by the team at 5 Senses. Since The Tuckshop reverted to pre-sweetened soy milk, Sea Circus serves the best soy latte in Bali.  Custom made cups from Gaya Ceramics, a fresh frangipani and a daily quote give that extra touch of whimsy that makes your visit memorable.
Mid afternoon the menu slides into tapas, wine and smart offerings of seafood, steak, pasta and salad. Marine life is well represented in the linguine; featuring prawns, scallops, barramundi and clams, and if your after a heavy hit of chocolate, don’t overlook the fudge chocolate mousse with thick cream.

The fun continues in the bathroom, where a giant dressing room mirror lights a sink in-the-round and a captivating picture wall.  The odd customer, uninhibited by the martinis and bubbles, has tried to souvenir the odd print, but the ring master has a roving eye.  
Live music and themed special events are held often, and the venue is popular for small group dinners and intimate parties.  Keep up with the latest on the Sea Circus Blog.

September update : Sea Circus have a new chef on board and are set to launch a new dinner menu. For a sneak preview look here

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  1. Oh. My. Goodness. I want to go there now! Thanks so much for introducing me to this delicious blog - I shall be back...


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