Thursday, February 17, 2011

ootong & lincoln, south fremantle

 258 South Terrace, South Fremantle

beans : Fiori organic fairtrade
leaf : organic leaf tea
soy : yes
dunk :
lemon shortbread ($3)
fork : chocolate oblivion cake ($6)
spoon :
rose & almond cake ($6)
knife : coconut milk pancakes with tropical salsa ($15)
plate & bowl : mushroom, tomato, feta, rocket and basil pesto on toast ($16)

footprint :
vintage flats
price :
service :
hip & relaxed
open : 7 days, 6.30am - 5.00pm

buzz : I spent my childhood embarrassed by our laminex table, vinyl chairs and olive green lounge. Time has passed and now retro is hip, marbled laminate is covetable and brown Tupperware collectible.  Walking into Ootong & Lincoln I felt a wave of reminiscence, like I’d come home, except home had morphed into a bright space with a design edge and great coffee.  Concrete, steel railing and exposed electrical cables lend a relaxed industrial feel, and the upturned washing baskets and preserving jars as light shades are a nod to upcycling.  The inside bike rack encourages two wheel travel, if you can stand hanging your steed next to the gorgeous vintage examples.

As a newcomer on the South Freo strip, Ootong & Lincoln have wasted no time gaining favour with the locals.  The breakfast menu has the usual suspects at reasonable prices, and my thick slices of fruit and nut toast with self-service jam were a delight. It is understandably a weekend drawcard, so if you want a quiet breakfast with the paper, go during the week.  The casually hip patrons sport everything from bathers and lycra, to vintage threads befitting the 1950's theme.

Fresh lunch fare is on display from mid-morning; including a selection of salads, rolls, patties and savory muffins, made daily using organic ingredients where possible.  Croissants,cakes, muffins and biscuits are baked in house and congregate around the till to tempt even the toughest of wills.   

For some reason they are very elusive with the name; it isn't printed on the menus or anywhere inside, we had to go out and look on the facade. I wonder how many people remember actually remember what it is called?  
With honest food, smooth Fiori coffee, magazines and a chair for every mood, Ootong & Lincoln is deserving of its early cult following.  I would go back just to gaze over my soy latte at the lady with the balloons.

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thanks for taking the time, milk or sugar?


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