Sunday, January 30, 2011

make cakes not war

My husband and I built our house on a tiny budget, with recycled materials and our own sweat and skills.  The one thing I wouldn't negotiate on was a six burner, super dooper, stainless steel free standing oven.  This was in my pre raw vegan days, when all manner of baked goods would burst forth from my kitchen to the delight of friends and family. Many mourned the lack of buttery gingernut biscuits, cheesecakes and chocolate mud cake when the oven was turned off and green smoothies took precedence. 

Still, I love to bake, even if I don't eat the spoils from the oven.  It satisfies my creative urge and short attention span; the transformation of individual ingredients into a new form, within a limited time, with a definite finish point. The result is often beautiful, fills the house with sweet aroma, can be served on dainty plates, and is my act of service to those that love to eat.

Now when I hear the call of the oven, or an event calls for crisp bikkies or a rich chocolate brownie, I seize the opportunity to promote the joy of vegan baking and raw gourmet.  

As this blog is about coffee, cake and crumbs, I felt it was the perfect canvas to share my recipes and photos, straight from my kitchen to yours.  For those of you about to bake...I salute you.

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  1. Nice blog for cakes. I am actually starting my baking hobby :)


thanks for taking the time, milk or sugar?


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