Saturday, January 8, 2011

bali buddha, ubud, bali

health food store and cafe, focus on organic vegan & vegetarian
Jalan Jembawan #1 (opposite post office), Ubud, Bali

beans : local Balinese organic blend
leaf : imported leaf & local herbal blends, good soy chai
soy : yes, and choice of nut milks
dunk :organic spelt chocolate cookies
fork : American apple crumble
spoon :raw chocolate pudding pie
knife :fresh New York style bagels, toasted with a selection of spreads
plate & bowl : vegetarian nasi campur - a healthy version of the Indonesian traditional tasting plate - grilled shredded coconut, sprouts, gado-gado, tofu & tempe, green veggies & sambal (29,000rps A$3.30)
garden salad of fresh garden veggies, mixed leaves, sprouts, seeds & edible flowers (27,000rps A$3)
macrobiotic plate of grilled tofu, steamed broccoli, chickpea & kombu soup, grated daikon & gomashio (35,000rps A$4) 

footprint :casual, thongs, flats or bare feet
price : 17,000k A$2.00
service : smiling & warm
open : 7.00am - 10.00pm, with free delivery in Ubud area

buzz : Bali Buddha have led the way for what is now a trend in Ubud for healthy food, with plenty of options for vegetarian and vegan customers.  They know that salad munchers want a big bowl, not a few limp leaves as an afterthought or garnish. The cafe and store began in 1994 as a way to support a healthy lifestyle, and to raise awareness of diet, organic farming and recycling. The menu showcases nourishing foods, both raw and cooked, with a exhaustive menu of sandwiches, burgers, pasta, pizza, curries, soups and all day breakfast.  

There is a no wi-fi policy to inspire conversation and awareness of your surroundings while enjoying your meal.  As such, there is always someone writing, reading or drawing in a quiet corner, and expats and tourists alike come together in the open air space. 

The Super Health Drinks selection is extensive, including a delicious super green smoothy and a raw vegan tropical smoothy.  Coffee is popular, and the cashew nut latte is a rich alternative to their home made soy which can split when heated.  Desserts, biscuits and cakes are a highlight of any visit and the 'raw energizing spirulina balls', and 'chocolate and date bars' always seem to find their way into a take-away bag as I pass by.

The store displays a tempting daily selection of cakes, breads and desserts, and sells a range of local & imported organic foods, natural household products, skincare & alternative health treatments. One of the unique features of Bali Buddha is the kitchen's location across the road - every meal travels from the chefs to the restaurant with a woven 'hat' covering, to be deposited by a waiter in on the ledge and then to your table.

Still the cheapest place in Ubud for wholesome food in a welcoming environment.  A long time personal favourite.

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